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Q u i c k _F l a s h _T u n i n g_  D e l t a_ D a s h_ S c r e e n s

       Red: http://www.quickflashtuning.com/dash/reddash.zip          Green: http://www.quickflashtuning.com/dash/greendash.zip

Quick Flash Tuning is proud to offer these two *Free* Ecutek Deltadash dash screens for your Subaru.


  • Ecutek Deltadash software
  • Ecutek OBD-II connector (for in car use)


  • Subaru STi or Subaru WRX look gauges
  • Speed in MPH and Km/H to 200mph/320km/h
  • RPM to 10,000rpm
  • Turbo pressure in Bar
  • Water temp
  • Exhaust temp
  • Air intake Temp

    Download the zip file and decompress the contents into one of the Ecutek in car dash screen files...1,2,3,etc.

    Replace the original deltadash files with the QFT files and you're ready to rock!

    For more information visit  www.Ecutek.com  


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