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We are proud to offer new unique services to enhance your ride.

Electrostatic flocking for covering interior parts, to reduce glare or for that really cool race car look.

We also now offer parts cleaning, sand blasting, shot peening and powder coating services. Our powder coating service offers several types of finishes and over 50 different colors, from wrinkle black to high temp coatings. The coatings also are very wear resistant. They will also resist most fuel and brake fluids.

Coating options  

Vinyl graphics, custom tinting, wraps and silk screening services to be available soon. Get that shocker giant shocker sticker you've always wanted for a shockingly low price. Use the silk screening in conjunction with our in house powder coating services to create logos or sayings on your parts.

Carbon fiber wrapping services, coming soon.

Coming soon Spring 2010!:
Part powder coating- $49.99/Lrg part, $24.99/sm part.
Part sand blasting- $49.95/part, flawlessly strip parts.
Part shot peening- $49.95/part, make your parts stronger.
Part cleaning- $29.95/part, make your parts look like new.
Part silk screening- Add logos and customize your parts.
Flocking- Electrostatically applied nylon fibers for interiors.
Vinyl stickers- Add the fastaaar to your ride!
Window tinting- Premium tint for a not so premium price.
Clear protective bras- Protect your ride.

Other Services:
Bolt on Installations- $49.99/hour for any bolt on mods.
Electrical Installations- $69.95/hour for electronic devices.

Subaru ECU Tuning Services  

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