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Why choose an ECU reflash?

Well it uses the most advanced part of your car, the stock ECU.  That's right, the stock Subaru ECU is the most highly developed and engineered piece of equipment in your car.  It costs more to develop then most Motec systems. It adapts to various driving and environmental conditions, it also has about 50+ maps it runs through, to keep the engine happy and healthy.

So, why would you want to replace your stock ECU with a far less advanced system?

Other tuning systems take the place of, or intercept and then output signals that go into your ECU, this trickery, causes reliabilty issues and communication lag.

Ecutek reflashes, reprogram the maps in the stock ECU to performance tuned mapping, this increases engine performance and response, while still maintaining all the fail safes and adaptablity of the original factory mapping.

For more information visit  www.Ecutek.com  

Tuning Services:
ECU Tuning- $399.99 for an Ecutek license and tuning.
ECU Internet tune- $199.95 three maps for EasyECU users. ECU Retune- $144.99 for cars that have an Ecutek ECU.      ECU to Stock- $49.99 for flashing the ECU back to stock.
Road dyno- $24.99 for baseline/logging with Chart.         Dyno Tuning- $139.99/hour for tuning done on a Dynojet.
Diagnosis- Free CEL read/clear/OBDII readiness checks.

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